oh, Hello.

My approach to design is one hungry for backstory and history. I’m driven by colours and excited by the details that can come through when the whole story is explored.

About me

I love baking, mainly so I can eat it, which is why what I really love is bakeries.


a weaver and graphic design student in Victoria, BC. I am currently completing the final year of my Graphic Media Design Diploma at Pacific Design Academy.

A textile Artist since 2014, Like my designs, I am inspired by colour and texture and am often influenced by the Saori philosophy. My weaving can be found in my online store, Etsy, and locally in Salt Shop.

As part of Picot Collective, I help organize our Seasonal artisan Markets.


The Online Sales and Marketing Coordinator of Picot’s Brick and Mortar.

Visual Merchandising Standard Trainer at Purdys Chocolatier.

I’ve been the Shopper, the Customer, the Artist, and the Wholesale Buyer. I’ve seen every pitch, line sheet, and sample box imaginable. I know what resonates, what works, and what doesn’t. Being on all sides of the creative entrepreneur hustle, I understand the importance of having a strong brand image and that creative businesses can often blur the line between your personal and business identities.

I have a diploma in Business Administration and entrepreneurship, with additional education in Visual Merchandising and Spatial planning.

Making Headlines